Who Should I contact if I have any queries?

For Retailers – It is best to deal directly with your distributor, if they cannot answer your question they can pass on your details to us to respond.

For Distributors – For all General Enquiries please contact Ashe – ashe@bevex.com.au

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

For Retailers – Please contact your Distributor.

For Distributors – We have 30 day accounts available please contact to arrange an application. Once approved we issue an Invoice to which payment is due within 30 days of date of invoice via Bank Transfer, details are on our invoices for payment.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes we do, we require 100% payment upfront and there is a MOQ. For more information regarding Shipping Internationally please contact Ashe – ashe@bevex.com.au or Jamie – jamie@bevex.com.au

Can I Use Suvana On My Face?

Yes! We use only natural oils in our balm, which makes it super hydrating and safe to use on delicate skin, like your face and eye area.

Is This Product Safe To Use On Babies Face & Scalp? My Son Has Very Dry Skin.

Of Course! Suvana Organic can be used on the most sensitive skin types thanks to being petrochemical free. HINT! Apply liberally to babies scalp and leave on for a few hours, then comb the hair with a brush or comb to remove any dry skin or cradle cap.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

For Retailers – Please contact your Distributor directly for delivery times.

For Distributors – Within Australia please allow 5-7 working days. For International orders, payment is require upfront before sending out, please allow up to 2 weeks for processing.

How Can I Return A Product?

For Retailers – Depending on what is wrong with the product it will go back to your Distributor.

For Distributors – If there is a fault with the product, this can be returned back to us for further investigation. If we find that the product does have a fault we will offer a credit.

I Use Suvana On My Babies Nappy Rash, Is It Safe To Use Everyday?

Yes! Our balm is amazing to use as a nappy cream! Not only does it heal, but thanks to the oils, it’s am amazing barrier balm against moisture! Use our balm as a nappy cream and you’ll never have to teat nappy rash again!

I use Paw Paw on my dry lips but it seems like the more I use, the more my lips need it!? Why is this?

I can tell you’re not using ‘The Yellow Tube’ !! What you are feeling is the drying effect of petrochemicals! Most other Paw Paw balm use this as a base. Use Suvana’s Yellow Tube and you will never have that problem again! We use only natural organic oils, so no chance of drying.

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